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Chicka-What?? - version 1

This is a card game for 2-5 players.

Each card in the deck has a noun, verb, or phrase. The object of the game is to play cards which form a sentence which narrates how you crush your opponent. Certain cards require that you have another type of card to play (ie, some verbs require an object). Other cards are worth more if you pair them with certain cards. (ie, dragons are worth +1 if you use the verb "to devour")

Opponents take turns. On your turn, you draw until you have 10 cards. Then play as many as you can. Each card is worth 1-3 points depending on obscurity. The goal is to reach a certain number of points.

You may modify the form or tense of any card. For example "dragon" can become "dragons", "devour" could be "devoured". Common words such as "the", "my", and "your" are "free", and can be used without playing a card. You cannot use more than 5 free words in a sentence.

A player can veto a sentence if it doesn't make sense. The sentence "My knife devours your dog."

Card List


  • I, My, Your, The, A, And, Of ----- This card is placed on the table face up before the match begins.



  • Dragon
  • Dog


  • Fortress
  • Car
  • House


  • Knife
  • Gun
  • Spear
  • Sword


  • Mother
  • Friend (name Friend)


  • Attacks. <SENTENCE END>
  • Devours your <REQUIRES OBJECT>- worth +1 if played after a beast card
  • Protects my <REQUIRES POSSESSION> - worth +1 if played after a possession card
  • Molests your <REQUIRES PERSON>
  • Explodes
  • Assaults your <REQUIRES OBJECT>
  • Wounds your <REQUIRES OBJECT> - worth +1 if played after a weapon card


  • But instead...
  • You didn't account for this:...
  • That didn't matter because...


These must be played before or after a noun. Some can be played before or after a verb by adding +ly.

  • savage
  • brutal
  • merciless
  • efficient
  • secret

Wild Cards

  • THAT (Point to something)
  • Poison (can be noun or verb)

Chicka-What?? - version 2

This literally came to me in a dream.

During your turn, you play one sentence. Your goal is to cram in as many cards as you can. There are several types of cards:

Card Types

  • "I do X" - worth 1 point
  • "I do X with..." worth 0 points
  • "... a weapon" worth 2 points
  • "and then," worth 0 points, but lets you play another "I do X" card.

Cards have three colors:

  • Red cards generally represent violence. ("I hit you in the head", "I bash you in the stomach")
  • Blue cards generally represent humiliation. ("I pull your pants down")

You can block a red or blue card by immediately playing a same-color card with an appropriate counter.

For example, a red "I do X" card might read like this:

Attacks: (you gain 1 point if your opponent cannot block the attack)
*I hit you in the head
*I bash you in the face
*I sweep your legs

*I duck
*I dodge
*I block it
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