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Welcome to the Principia Discordia

This website is dedicated to bringing the Principia Discordia to the masses, in its original, chock-full-o-pictures form! What's the Principia, you ask? Well, it's the Magnum Opiate of Malaclypse the Younger, Wherein Is Explained Absolutely Everything Worth Knowing About Absolutely Anything. Duh!

Holy Nonsense is an ongoing project by Queen Gogira Pennyworth compiling many musings and ravings from various Discordians over the years, presented in stunning layouts by Queen G in a beautiful scripture for our Current Strange Times. The online edition is available from here, (mirror), and the print version (perfect for leaving in waiting rooms, bus stops or your local legislators) is available here.
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If you're interested in meeting and talking with other Discordians, we have some very active forums or you can check into the IRC channel. There are also some links to other related (and totally unrelated) sites, a recommended reading list and a few snazzy downloads. Enjoy!

For a large resource of Discordian quotes check out the memebomb database.

Check out This Page to read material created by the Discordian society.

The Boomtime Cabal have created an excellent publication On Activism

Chasing Eris: Chaos journalist Brenton Clutterbuck has spent a year charting the human geography of Discordia through the USA, South America, the UK and Europe. You can see some of the work in process at, or keep updated at, or follow @ChasingEris on Twitter.

Check out The Chao Te Ching, a publication by LMNO and Professor Cramulus.

And make sure to check out a recent publication The Black Iron Prison: Common Walls pulling together the writings of an array of contributors and assembled by Dimo/Cuddlefish.

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Random Snippet from the Discordian Society

The Worms and Their Little Blue Pills - Article by Cainad

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